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What is Injection Stabilization?

Expansive clay presents engineers and owners of lightly loaded structures with significant design challenges. Due to the potential for foundation movement, expansive clay must be dealt with by some means. While a structurally suspended floor provides the most positive solution to the potential for heave, it is often cost prohibitive. Another alternative is to remove and replace clay soil to a predetermined depth with low P.I. fill. But, this method can be costly in both time and money.

Key Facts of Potassium Injection Stabilization:

  • It is not a preswelling technique.
  • The process works by saturating the soil mass with potassium ions.
  • The ions form a permanent chemical bond with the clay minerals.
  • The result is a permanent chemical reaction and is irreversible.
  • Cost-effective and time-saving alternative to removal and replacement of clay.

Potassium Injection Stabilization is a more effective method to stabilize the soil by injecting a chemical mixture into the soil to reduce swell. Soil Solutions has a proven track record for providing permanent soil stabilization. To be truly effective, a soil stabilization chemical, when injected at low pressures, must be able to penetrate an impervious soil mass.

Soil Solutions’ potassium-based chemical is designed to penetrate fat clay in this manner, delivering stabilizing potassium ions evenly throughout the soil mass. The treatment results in a homogenous stabilized zone of soil with a severely limited amount of heave potential.